My Transgender Life


The Transgender Journey of Veronica Glenne Broyles

My First Time, Yes, THAT First Time

In the interest of complete honesty my first time as described here was not really my first time.  Fifteen years earlier as a young man of twenty-five I had gone to a gay bar to take in their drag show.  […]

A Life That Might Have Been

Allow me to begin with one assertion.  I am blessed.  I am very blessed.  I am a 64-year-old woman and still in relatively good health  — no health issues beyond what is to be expected of someone sixty-four years of […]

The Soul Of A Woman: A Red Light Center Love Story

As a young boy of ten, I discovered crossdressing.  A case can be made that crossdressing for a transgender individual is an escape mechanism from an undesired reality to an alternate reality.  While children do often escape into their own […]

My Transgender Trigger

The date was June 9, 1953.  It was a Tuesday and the city was Spokane, Washington; the hospital Deaconness.  Donna Broyles gave birth to her second son on this date and in this place.  While Mom and Dad, Donna and […]

Laughing At Myself

Was the story, the secret he shared, true?  Or false?  I simply will never know.  However upon hearing the story, the response expected of me was laughter and amusement.    My life had just changed.   I had in some […]

The Life I Want To Have

As a 64 year old male of 64 years of age, my life expectancy according to one acturial table I found is just over eighteen years.  The most likely cause of death would be cancer.  For the most part I […]