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The Soul Of A Woman: A Red Light Center Love Story

As a young boy of ten, I discovered crossdressing.  A case can be made that crossdressing for a transgender individual is an escape mechanism from an undesired reality to an alternate reality.  While children do often escape into their own […]

Laughing At Myself

Was the story, the secret he shared, true?  Or false?  I simply will never know.  However upon hearing the story, the response expected of me was laughter and amusement.    My life had just changed.   I had in some […]

My Transgender Life — My First Outing

In early 1991, I moved back to Spokane after almost five years in Dallas,  In many respects those five years had been the most stable years of my adult life.  I had been living in a two-room apartment in North […]

My Transgender Life — A Homeless Life

When did the lunacy begin?  When did the class president of his high school junior class, a student who came within a few votes of being President of the Rosaila High School ASB, someone who represented his school at Boy’s […]

Southern Comfort Conference 2000

In October of 2000, I attended the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) in Atlanta, Georgia.   At the time SCC was one of the nation’s largest anual events for transgender men and women as well as crossdressers.  I was living in […]

My Transgender Life — Sara

In December of 1980, my ex-wife Ann gave birth to a daughter.  She had moved to Phoenix a few months before so when I heard the news she was livng 1400 miles from Spokane where I lived.  In March I […]