My Transgender Life


The Transgender Journey of Veronica Glenne Broyles

“Please Don’t Call Me Sir.”

Over the course of a week, I often will interact with clerks at the store or counter help at McDonalds or even casual strangers and they will address me as ‘Sir.’  Thank you sir.  You are welcome sir.  How can […]

My Transgender Life — My First Outing

In early 1991, I moved back to Spokane after almost five years in Dallas,  In many respects those five years had been the most stable years of my adult life.  I had been living in a two-room apartment in North […]

My Transgender Life — A Homeless Life

When did the lunacy begin?  When did the class president of his high school junior class, a student who came within a few votes of being President of the Rosaila High School ASB, someone who represented his school at Boy’s […]

About My Blog And Who I Am

Am I transgender?  Am I a transgender woman?   If I am being as truthful as possible, I would have to say I simply don’t know.  One reaatson for my uncertainty is that I am not sure that ‘transgender’ is […]

My Gender Identity: An Hypothesis

Why am I transgender?  Why am I different?  While I feel the first question may be appropriate, I do not feel the second question is relevant.  I am not different.  I am unique.  I am unique in the same way […]

When Did My Transition Begin?

According to Wikipedia, here is the definition of transgender transitioning. Transitioning is the process of changing one’s gender presentation and/or sex characteristics to accord with one’s internal sense of gender identity – the idea of what it means to be a […]